Computer service for the Rest of Us!

At Computer Handyman, we concentrate on basic service for regular people.

We do our best to keep our costs, and the price of our services as low as possible.

So you won't see lots of fancy equipment, or a shiny building. Just a lot of computers.

We realize that 90% of computer problems can be solved simply. Often, the best tool is another working computer running the same operating system.

Most of our  work is done here in the shop, where we have the resources to work most effectively.

We also do home and office calls, when something just can't be brought in, or when a problem is related to where the computer is installed.

Home and office calls are harder for us, and usually take a little longer. We charge a minimum of $60 for a home or office service call, and $45 dollars an hour after that. If we have to travel more than 10 miles, we need to include an additional charge to cover gas and time to get there.

Shop service is $35 dollars an hour, and we don't charge you for time when your computer is either being scanned or scanning itself, or installing updates. Shop service can save you a lot of money, and it is how we prefer to work.

We try to turn a computer around in a 2-3 days, but that varies depending on our workload. Also, tough problems take longer to figure out and fix. Ordering parts, when necessary, adds about 4-5 working days for delivery (we can order parts Overnight delivery, if you don't mind the extra cost).