Care and feeding of your computer!

Keep your computer clean!

  1. Open your case and use your vacuum cleaner's crevice tool to blow out dust
  2. Keep away from components, and keep one hand on the metal case to avoid static
  3. Just blow out the dust bunnies--it doesn't have to be perfectly clean
  4. Concentrate on the processor fan and heatsink and the power supply
  5. You are removing dirt to help keep your computer cool
Nothing is free--don't click on computer popups!
  1. Popups that claim to 'clean' or speed up your computer are almost always fakes
  2. You don't need special programs (except antivirus) to keep your computer running
  3. 'Security' warning and "virus alert" popups are almost always created by viruses themselves!
Get your Windows Updates!

  1. Check the Windows Update link in Internet Explorer/Tools at least once a week
  2. Get all critical updates, unless you have a program with a specific conflict
  3. Don't trust alerts for updates from anyone except Microsoft
  4. Except for antivirus, if an update isn't on the Microsoft site, you don't need it!