Is your AVG Free Antivirus expiring?

Here's how to fix it:

First go to MajorGeeks and download the new version of AVG Free (Version 7.5)
Choose to save the file to your desktop. Make sure you can find the installer there.

Wait until the AVG installer finishes downloading. Don't install it right away!

Click on your Start Button, then go to Programs==> AVG Free Edition==> Uninstall AVG Free Edition.

AVG Free will uninstall. I recommend deleting the user settings and quarantined viruses.

You will be prompted to restart your computer. Do it!

After restarting, your Microsoft Security Center may start warning you that you don't have antivirus.
That's what it's supposed to do--but don't worry, you're fixing the problem!

Once your computer has restarted, doubleclick the AVG installer.

Keep saying OK until it asks if you want to update. Click on the "Internet" box and select "Yes"
When it asks if you want to scan your computer every time it starts up you have to decide for yourself.
For myself, I have disabled the automatic scanning. I just run a scan on my computer when I think it needs it.
You can do that by by unchecking the "Enable" box.

Your AVG Free should be updated and ready to go!